Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness


When I first met Deb, I was a little awestruck. Here was someone who was beautiful and sweet, seemingly perfect, reaching out to support me, someone she didn’t know. As I got to know Deb, I learned she’s so much more “perfect” than I realized because she is so very human, and she embraces that in herself. But not just in herself – she embraces it in others, wholeheartedly. The love, warmth, and knowledge that flows out of her is a clear demonstration of how we should not only treat others, but also ourselves. She has a unique ability to individually teach and coach each person in a 20-person class, challenging every one to push his or her own limits, because one never knows what one can achieve without trying. I’m very thankful for having Deb as an instructor and mentor, and I feel I can count her amongst my friends
Dr. Edith Goody

I chose to work with Deb because I wanted to deepen my practice and learn some poses that have always seemed out of reach to me. I was fearful of injury and felt she could guide me in a way that would feel safe and comfortable. Her vast knowledge of how our body works combined with her deep understanding of yoga creates a wonderful learning atmosphere.  As I am working to learn new poses, I am also relearning basic parts of the practice with Deb’s gentle guidance. I am getting so much out of our sessions.
Pam Gawley

Deb is one of my favorite yoga teachers! Her style is the perfect balance of challenge, playfulness and restorative. I always leave her classes ‘feeling good’ with sense of achievement and relaxation.
Michael Livian

Deb’s gift is in providing an environment where students can examine their perceived limitations, and slowly, confidently, push past them.  Her instruction is both supportive and challenging at the same time- a rare combination.  A truly exceptional teacher!
Andrea Phelan

Deborah is the personification of the practice: the union of body, mind and spirit. Her classes are fun, challenging, stimulating and liberating. Her instruction focuses on the individuals who are in that particular class that particular day. There are no judgments–if a student wanted to be in balasana (child’s pose) the entire class, that would be fine in her class. But no one would really want to do that with her bringing so much light, encouragement and love to the class! Deborah’s sequences are natural and well thought out, even surprising sometimes, with options for all levels.  As a yoga student and teacher, she makes me want to practice more.
Audrey Bernhardt

Deb is one of the most genuine, loving and dedicated yoga practitioners I’ve ever had the pleasure of practicing with.  By nature, she is nurturing, kind, insightful and fun. She is able to connect with everyone, regardless of their level, and It is apparent that she truly loves what she does. I wish I could practice with her every day.
Pamela Schindler-Thomsen

Deborah’s yoga classes changed my life, and that’s not hyperbole. Five years ago I was new in town, grieving the loss of my dad, and wrangling twin toddlers. I finally made it to a yoga class and Deb was the first teacher I met. Her encouragement, her nurturing, her gentle but steady insistence that I could do things I really didn’t trust my body to do, helped me find my center, initially for 90 minutes a day, and later, for much longer stretches than that. I became much more fit but more importantly, much more sane and dare I say, happy
Adina Kay-Gross

Deborah brings to her teaching much warmth, openness to others and wisdom.  While challenging, she is very gentle, sensitive and respectful, and this allows me to explore and safely push myself in my practice.  Her love and passion for yoga and teaching it, in combination with her humor and uplifting, optimistic outlook make practicing with her a real treat!
S.B. (name withheld by request)

My yoga instructor, Deborah, is the ONLY reason that I pay this huge annual fee to my gym. A treadmill could be run on anywhere….also weight machines utilized at any gym. But when I enter our quiet space for Yoga on Tuesday and Thursday, I know I’m home. Deborah is my teacher, my motivator, my friend.  All who enter into her yoga domain are equally blessed
Carol Arnold

On top of being an INCREDIBLE human being, Deb is also the best yoga teacher I have ever had. One of my favorite talents of hers is the ability to sense what a student may need on a particular day, and adjust the class accordingly. Only a teacher with immense empathy, flexibility, and willingness to push you to grow could be as effective as Deb—I always leave her classes stronger and more grounded. She is truly a one-of-a-kind teacher.
Yianni Katsifas

So there I was on a pool deck sounding like one of those people, saying “yoga. . . changed my life.” But it’s true. It was a time of change that led me to Deb’s class in the first place. I had become a mother to twins and moved from New York City to the suburbs, and was finding in so many ways, things that I used to do weren’t working in my life anymore. While the obvious answer would be sleeping, or showering with the door closed, the drill of the fast-paced barre and Pilates classes I had been taking for years were becoming mundane. I tried mixing in yoga, and it was love at first playlist, for here was an instructor who was not only leading a class of people of all ages, shapes and stages of practice, but doing so with great music! I was hooked. Yoga, and I credit specifically, Deborah, with her blend of lightness and grounding, physical and emotional guidance, has done more for me than ‘taught yoga poses’: She has taught me how to live in my skin. A very bold statement to make to someone on a pool deck, I know.
Amy Denby

I began taking yoga about two years ago on a whim and was hooked immediately after taking one of Deb’s classes at Om Sweet Om. She brings an encouraging, kind and knowledgeable presence to the studio that I was immediately drawn to, and since then I can’t imagine starting my week without her. My life has improved in many ways since I began practicing yoga, and I don’t know if I would have continued to practice had it not been for Deb’s teaching style and attention. I am very grateful to know her not just as an instructor, but as a friend.
Katherine Khorassani

Deb’s yoga classes, style of teaching and kind, compassionate teaching style brought me closer to yoga practice. I think so many people are often insecure and intimidated by yoga. I love the way Deb teaches and lets you know yoga is a process at any level. She always works at helping her students safely navigate a pose and pays attention to their posture to build strength and attain the full benefit. Deb will often demonstrate the direction a pose can be taken; which all of her students enjoy and love to watch as we learn the possibilities and potential of where yoga practice can lead. It is a joy to practice yoga in the warmth and energy of Deborah Forman Corsitto. There’s not a day that I leave where I haven’t felt clarity, peace and strength in her teaching. She gives so much and her work is a true blessing.
Stefani Roth